Speeches (English)

I am paying my deepest gratitude to; -Dr. Lakshmikant Bajpai Ji, the state president of Uttar Pradesh BJP -and moreover, the most popular leader of India, to whom the changing India wish to see as the next Prime Minister of India in the coming election of 2014, respected Mr. Narendra Modi Ji -the respected Ex-ChiefRead More
Shri Vinay Tendulkar, State President, Bhartiya Janata Party, Goa. Whom, the entire country wants to see as the Prime Minister, Respected Narendra Modi Ji. Whose ornaments are Straightforwardness, simplicity and generosity, popular Chief Minister of Goa Shri Manohar Parikar Ji and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Francis D’Souza. All India Vice President of Bhartiya Janata PartyRead More
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