Home Secretary levels talks held between India and Nepal

The India-Nepal Home Secretary Level Talks were held on September 8-9, 2016 in New Delhi. The Nepalese delegation was led by Mr. Lok Darshan Regmi, Home Secretary, Government of Nepal and the Indian delegation was led by Shri Rajiv Mehrishi, Home Secretary, Government of India. Shri Susheel Kumar, Secretary (Border Management), MHA also attended this […]

Government approves subsidized helicopter services in J&K and Himachal Pradesh

The Government has accorded its approval for operation of helicopter services in the State of Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh on a pilot basis in 10 sectors, as per the stipulation that the most inaccessible destination points should be chosen. The scheme can be extended to other/additional sectors at a later date depending upon […]

Students express their gratitude to Home Minister for his deeper heartfelt concern to their problems

On hearing the problems of non-disbursement of scholarships to students from Jammu and Kashmir in some institutions at Jaipur through media on September 03, 2016, the Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh at his own initiative had spoken to the Education Minister of Rajasthan and obtained the phone numbers of some of the students. On […]

Kashmiri students meet Rajnath

   New Delhi, Sep 7 (PTI) Home Minister Rajnath Singh today met a group of students from Jammu and Kashmir, studying in various universities in the country, and assured them that difficulties being faced by them with regard to academics will be resolved soon. Four days ago, Singh had turned a good samaritan for a […]

The Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh inaugurating the revamped website of Inter-State Council Secretariat

The Union Home Minister of India Shri Rajnath Singh inaugurated the revamped website of the Inter¬-State Council Secretariat here today. This site which is Standardised Testing Quality Control (STQC) compliant has been audited for site security and is designed to be disabled friendly. The website which is video enabled and as a screen reader feature […]

Statement of the All Party Delegation

The Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh today chaired the follow-up meeting of the All Party delegation that visited Jammu and Kashmir on September 04-05, 2016. Following is the statement of the All Party delegation after the follow-up meeting: “The members of the All Party Parliamentary Delegation have expressed serious concerns of the prevailing situation […]

गृहमंत्री ने केन्द्रीय सहायता के लिए उच्‍चस्‍तरीय समिति की बैठक की अध्‍यक्षता की

गृहमंत्री श्री राजनाथ सिंह ने भूकम्‍प, ओलावृष्टि और सूखे से प्रभावित राज्‍यों क्रमश: मणिपुर, राजस्‍थान और उत्‍तर प्रदेश को केन्‍द्रीय सहायता प्रदान करने के लिए आज यहां एक उच्‍चस्‍तरीय समिति की बैठक की अध्‍यक्षता की। बैठक में वित्‍त एवं कार्पोरेट मामलों के मंत्री श्री अरुण जेटली, कृषि एवं किसान कल्‍याण मंत्री श्री राधा मोहन सिंह, […]

केंद्रीय गृह मंत्री आज असम का दौरा करेंगे

केंद्रीय गृह मंत्री श्री राजनाथ सिंह आज असम के बाढ़ग्रस्‍त क्षेत्रों- नागांव, मोरीगांव और काजीरंगा का हवाई सर्वेक्षण करेंगे। वे मोरीगांव जिले में बाढ़ पीडि़तों के लिए लगाए गए भगतगांव शिविर का भी दौरा करेंगे। श्री राजनाथ सिंह शाम को दिल्‍ली लौटने से पहले गुवाहाटी में असम के मुख्‍यमंत्री श्री सर्बानंद सोनोवाल और राज्‍य सरकार […]