Speech of Shri Rajnath Singh Ji in Himachal Pradesh during ‘Parivartan Rally’ (16/02.14)

Shimla. February 16, 2014


I cordially welcome to the State President of Himachal Pradesh BJP Shri Satpal Ji Shakti, and dear brothers and sisters, to whom the whole nation want to see as next Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Bhai Modi Ji, Former Chief Minister Shri Prem Kumar Dhumal Ji and respected Shanta Kumar Ji, National General Secretary Shri Jagat Prakash Naddha Ji, Incharge of HP Shri Balbeer Punj Ji, the MP of here and the national president of BJYM dear Anurag Thakur Ji, Shrimati Vimla Kashyap Ji, Lt. General Yash S. Kanwar ji along with all the people presenting here.

Dear brothers and sisters I did not imagine to avail the opportunity of addressing such a huge public meeting. We never addressed any rally here in Himachal Pradesh exceeding 60000 ever. But today I am seeing the ‘Jansagar’ on the mountain of Himachal.

Dear brothers and sisters, our Himachal Pradesh is witness of many historical moments since so far.  As you all know that in independent India, Shimla the capital of Himachal Pradesh was also the capital in British India. Shimla is witnessed for many national and international Treaties for a long time. I want to make you remember that when the issue of Sovereignty of Tibet was raised, Shimla was chosen for flag meeting among India, China and Tibet. That’s why I am saying that Shimla has been witnessed for many historical milestone moments.

Moreover at the time when the war had been taken place between India and Pakistan in 1971, in which our brave soldiers defeated Pakistan and captured more than 90000 Pakistani soldiers, then the flag meeting was  arranged here in Shimla itself between the then Prime Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi and Zulfikaar Ali Bhutto from Pakistan.

If I raise that issue in reality, I must say that the problem might have been solved then and there if Indira ji would have asked straight forward to the Pakistan to make our that part of Kashmir free which is under their possession that is called POK over interchanging their 90000 captured soldiers. But unfortunately it was not done at that time so does the problem is sustained.  Pacts are made again and again with Pakistan and every time it’s broken by Pakistan.  You must know about that unfortunate incident through newspapers and TV channels that Pakistan not only violates the cease fire but also their coward soldiers invade in to Indian Territory and brutally kill our soldiers. Our neighbors are threatening us now and then, and we keep quite! China, every after a week declares Arunanchal Pradesh in his province, and sometimes challenges over Sikkim, sometime over Kashmir issues, and what we do? Nothing! And on the other hand Pakistan use to invade in to our borders and dare to cut off the head of our soldiers and our Prime Minister don’t say even a single word to them! We want peace with our neighbors on borders but not at the price of these obnoxious things .I want to ask the PM and Shrimati Sonia Gandhi Ji that why did they not spoken to Pakistan on this burning and disgusting action? Do they not feel proud on Indian Army or they just don’t care about our soldiers? I wish to make you remind that when the Kargil war was taken placed Shri Atal Ji was the Prime Minister of India. And at that time our soldiers showed Pakistan his level on battle field and Pakistan got defeated. I do say Sonia Ji that really Mr. Manmohan Singh Ji is the remote PM of India and this kind of government is ever seen. I want to make an appeal to Sonia Ji and Manmohan Ji that please don’t consider our army weak, let our army to decide once and then see who has more guts and courage to fight and win.

Here is our one more neighbouring country China. We want the peaceful relation with each of our neighbouring countries.  China also violates cease fire and invades in our Indian territory now and then. China also considers the Vally of Kashmir under its province and releases stapled visa  And do the same with Arunanchal Pradesh and our government keep silent. What’s wrong with the Government? Dear brothers and sisters, you will be surprised by knowing that on 23 October 2013 when our PM Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji visited China, he signed a very shameful treaty ‘Border defense Cooperation Agreement’ endorsing that Indian army won’t take any action if the Red Army of China invades in to India. Indian army will sit silent and request  Red Army to return. How insane?

India is second most populous country in the world. And I must say that the courage, bravery and power Indian Army holds no other countries hold the same. But this Congress government has tied up their hands. Since independence Congress ruled for 55 years over India but not a single defense factory is inaugurated here that can design and produce fine weapons and artilleries. But Congress never thought of this, even when we have DRDO kind of fine organization indulged in development and research of best technologies. If India can send ‘Mangalyaan’ then why can’t we develop indigenous defence equipments for our armed forces. India should reduce its dependency on imports to strengthen our national defence.. But as much as I know our prime ministerial candidate Shri Narendra Modi Ji about his courage, ability and patriotism, I believe we will need not to ask for weapons and other defense artilleries from America anymore because of our independency in this field.

Dear brothers and sisters India has each and every potential and capacity to make our dreams come alive. Our youths have tremendous energy and potential.  I believe that non army background will be merely found in any of the homes here in HP. And I am well aware about that fact that the greatest numbers of 195 Martyrs were from HP only in the 1971 Indo-Pak war and so does in the Kargil War too.

As far as the roads of Himachal Pradesh are concerned, it is not developed as desired. Our respected Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai inaugurated ‘All Weather Road’ during his government to keep HP running 365 days among Leh-Manali-Delhi corridor; but since then it is still in snail process by UPA government even this road is most significant in the terms of defense. The government of India accepts the fact that during the government of Shri Atal ji large numbers of roads were made only in six years so as the Congress government did in 26 years since 1980 to 2012.

What kind of government is this? Here in HP also the Congress government exists. But let me remind you the last Vidhan Sabha Election. Congress made huge promises such as the imports duty would be increased at apple. What happened to that promise? Is it fulfilled? No, it’s not.  Now today yours apples are dumped in godowns and nobody is taking care of this issue. But today on the behalf of BJP I want to rest you assured that we shall deploy a formula ‘Farm Income Insurance Scheme’ keeping your farming safe. This formula ensures your farming’ cost decided prior to your farming.

I am clearly watching the large numbers of unemployed youngsters here. These guys are forced to wander here and there, even then having the great potential and ability to perform, because of no vacancies of employment. I want to assure you guys  that your hands will be full of work and yours wallets will be full of your self-earned currencies. You are well aware with the government of Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai, just go through with the National sample survey report. It clearly states that during the government of Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai in the tenure of 6 years, 70 lakhs new employment opportunities were generated; but on the contrary Congress led UPA government could barely raise only 27 lakhs employment opportunities since 2004. In order to retain the same BJP government will try to make our youngsters employed or self-employed and for that sake we have thought to provide loan at very minimal interest rates as 3-4% yearly so that self-generated industry could take place such as tourism, food processing units and others.

Dear Brothers and sisters, in last I want to make one more appeal to you, and appeal is for that sake only because Congress doesn’t want BJP to be more powerful. I wish to let you aware that not only here but also across India no matter whether it is North India or South, East India or West, wherever Mr. Modi goes the cloud of energetic Indian mass is flooded to welcome him. And this is horrifying to Congress. Now, I want to let you aware about the ill policies of Congress against BJP. They shall deploy every possible action whether it is ethical or not just to make BJP defamed and weaken as they are doing in Delhi by supporting a specific party, and this is for only to detain BJP’s power. Now, it’s up to you whether you decide to establish a strong government with definite PM or not! This is the blessed divine soil of Himachal Pradesh and everybody knows well about the seat of divine spirit, it is Lotus; the Lotus is blossomed in the mud, and fortunately Congress has led ample of corrupt mud so the time is now for Lotus to be blossomed.

With all your permission and blessings should I take a promise from you? Shall it be worn? Today, the clouds of the people before my eyes are sitting here and I believe that they have come up from all the 4 state assembly constituency of the state. Therefore I request you to please vote for BJP over all 4 legislations regardless the candidate. Just keep in mind Shri Narendra Modi and BJP to make a strong government and perfect PM in center.

And now, with all due respect once again I thanks to all of you. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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