Speech of Shri Rajnath Singh in ‘Vijay Sankalp Samavesh Rally’ Bhuvneshar (11/02/2014)

I welcome the State President of BJP Shri K V Dev Singh Ji, and respected Shri Narendra Modi Ji to whom the nation wants the next Prime Minister of India. Further, I welcome Shri VishwBhushan Harichandan Ji, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan Ji, Shri Jay Narayan Mishra Ji, Shri Vijat Mahapatra Ji, Shri Dileep Ji, Shri Chandan Mishra Ji, Shri Arun Ji, and my dear brothers and sisters over here.

Dear brothers and sisters, I am watching an ocean of people instead of an assembly before me. You really warmly welcomed Shri Narendra Modi Ji, and I can say that not only here but also everywhere in India where Modi Ji goes the same kind of treatment is given across the country. But as far as Indian culture and general ethics are concerned, there should not be one sided welcome or gratitude paid off; therefore, I, being the national president of BJP heartily welcome by bowing down my head before you all my brothers and sisters of Odisha here.

It is the sacred place of Lord Shri Jagannath Ji, and the playground of Lord Shri Balbhadra Ji, I pay my respect to them. We came across with the very sad news that 32 people have been died in the unfortunate accident taken place as a boat drowned yesterday. Having known this sadistic accident we feel big sorrow. So, first of all being the national president of BJP, I pay my deepest condolence to those who died. I availed opportunity to explore Odisha whenever I visit here. I have seen the poverty exist here at very large scale in comparison to other states in India even though Odisha is much fertile in Minerals. This is awful situation so far if having been so much fertile in the terms of minerals such as the largest amount of Bauxite and its ore as of 62%, 25% of Coal, 92% of Manganese respectively and ample of Iron ores as well among other states in India. Odisha is a wealthy state in terms of natural resources. In spite of being this much wealth in a state what is the reason of poverty here? I don’t blame the people of Odisha but the Government and other political parties who reigned here for such a long span of time but did nothing for the State. And those parties are Congress and BJD who are solely and equally responsible for the poverty of Odisha.

I came to know that sometimes before the Vice President and the unclaimed Prime Ministerial Candidate of Congress visited here and said that they have provided a great number of funds to the State where did it go? Why Odisha is still in poverty? Well, for that sake I want to say to Mr. Rahul Gandhi if the money is provided to the state by central government, it’s under law of sharing of taxes, it’s not the grant or help rather it is the right of state to avail that fund from the central government.

Dear brothers and sisters, now anywhere in India you may visit and see the poverty and unemployment exist due to corruption.  Corruption is the root cause for undevelopment, unemployment and poverty. And this is well known to everybody that how much corruption has taken place only in the reign of Congress since independence. If Rahul Gandhi really wants to detain corruption then he must take an action to probe the much known Mines Scam in Odisha beyond other scams taken place in Congress rulings. Dear brothers and sisters, I wish to inform you that The Shah Commission was enforced to form to probe that high profile scam by Congress when the Honourable Supreme Court of India has taken self-acknowledgement at Mines Scam in Odisha. And it has taken ample of time to submit its report on scam. Now, I got to know that they have presented their report in assembly in parliament by 3-4 days back. But I wish to inform you that the report submitted was half of the report. It was incomplete report presented there that means the government doesn’t want to disclose the corruption. Why? I want the answer from them that why are they hiding the facts? Moreover, they don’t want the probing to be continued anymore.  And, I appeal to the state Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnayak Ji that having submitted the report in parliament you must have felt that the scam has taken place in Mines. And, if you feel it then you must ask for CBI inquiry of this high profile scam. I too on the behalf of BJP demand for CBI inquiry.

Dear brothers and sisters, it is the controversy of Congress and BJD as they don’t want Odisha developed that’s why the Mines and Minerals development bill has not been passed since so long which states and ensures that Odisha would get the 26% of total contribution paid off. This is ridiculous and injustice towards Odisha. That bill ensures the rights, growth and development, security of the lands of tribal groups of Odisha clearly. But the government is averting this bill again and again deliberately.

Dear brothers and sisters, this place is known as Lord Shri Balbadra Ji, and having been this sacred place even the farmers are dying due to debt and poverty. How insane is this? Just look at the nearby BJP governed state Chhatisgarh. Dr. Raman Singh is the Chief Minister of State. It has never happened there that farmers were compelled to homicide due to debt or poverty. Why? Because our BJP government support them on the basis of Minimum Support against their food grain production. Beyond this we also have managed to provide them bonus as well worth of 300 rupees per quintal.  We don’t understand that why the Chief Minister of state doesn’t do the same here.

Moreover, you will be surprised by knowing that we, the BJP governed states are providing debts @ 0% whereas you have to pay @ 10-12% interest if borrowing debts from banks! Why this injustice?  We know the fact that India can’t grow without the growth of farmers. Farmers are the base of nation they are biggest producers and great consumers. If farmers would be wealthy then the whole India will be wealthy automatically. So for that sake, we have decided to deploy a scheme in to the favor of farmers to make sure that their income is settled down before ploughing the field. You may visit across India and may easily find that the BJP governed states are working intensively in to favor of farmers by providing them loan with the minimum interest rates of 1% and 0%, and it is being done by BJP governed states and not in other states. I believe that the state and central governments both are anti-farmers government; therefore, I appeal to you to uproot these anti-farmers government and must grant BJP to come in to the power here and in Delhi as well to ensure the growth of farmers and the growth of nation.

I naturally keen to remember Shri Biju Patnayak whenever I visit Odisha. BJP really respect him a lot as his contribution can’t be defy in to the freedom fight. But on the other hands I want to ask the chief minister of the state if he is doing justice with the hereditary of Shri Biju Patnayak Ji. The fact is; it’s been worsened now.

Dear brothers and sisters, Odisha is full of natural wealth and resources but then again more than half of the population is enforced to live under below poverty line.

I am clearly watching the large numbers of unemployed youngsters here. These guys are forced to wander here and there, even then having the great potential and ability to perform, because of no vacancies of employment. I want to rest you guys assured that yours hands will be full of work and yours wallets will be full of your self-earned currencies. You are well aware with the government of Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai, just go through with the National sample survey report. It clearly states that during the government of Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai in the tenure of 6 years, 70 lakhs new employment opportunities were generated; but on the contrary Congress led UPA government could barely raise only 27 lakhs employment opportunities since 2004.

As far as the education is concerned, It was Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai who opened Eklavya Model Adivasi Vidyalay first to ensure the quality education for our tribal brothers and sisters. Tribal welfare ministry as formed by BJP led NDA government ensuring the welfare of our tribal groups. We enlisted 270 different casts in the schedule tribes in which moreover are from Odisha only. I rest you assured that after making our government we will include few more tribes in to this category.

I believe that the first ever right over the natural resources is of our tribal brothers and sisters, but what’s happening here? Land is given on lease and holder is getting richer and the tribes are getting poorer. This country has been sucked by Congress in many years.

Recently Rahul Gandhi Ji visited Gujrat, where Shri Narendra Modi Ji is Chief Minister, and said that a tea seller is opined to be respected but not a person who make nation fool. It was well said by Rahul Ji, I appreciate him for his concern; but I want to ask that who made nation fool since long span of time? It is Congress who did it not BJP. Just 5 years back from now onwards, the UPA chairperson and the Prime Minister of India promised to the people of nation to restrain the price hike within 100 days. What happened of that promise? Did the price hike controlled? No. Then who made India fool? Yes, the price hike was properly in controlled manner only in the government of Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji for 6 years continuously.

In 1970 Smt Indira Gandhi Ji raised the slogan’ Gareebi Hatao’; but at the time of Food Security Bill was proposed in the Parliament, it was said by Congress that two third of the population of India is living in below poverty line, therefore this bill is proposed to make sure that everybody takes meals. Dear brothers and sisters now think and calculate if the slogan ‘Gareebi Hatao’ was raised by Smt. Indiara Gandhi Ji in 1970, since then it could not be eradicated from the society and Congress still pretending to remove it since last 40 years! Who is making India fool?

In 1950 the first Prime Minister of India Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru Ji said that we are trying to build nation and now you can see that still the Congress advertisement projecting with the slogan ‘Ho raha Bharat Nirmaan’, means since last 65 years the it could not have taken place then who is making India fool? You have to decide it.

If we praise the development of Gujrat then it is said by Congress that BJBP is making India fool by exaggerating Gujrat model. Then I want to ask a question to Rahul Ji if the top position was given to any state across the country in 2010 on the basis of 20 point scale, it was Gujrat and it was your government who had given this position. And the same was done in 2008 by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation which is yours foundation. So who is telling lie yours Government, yours foundation or Congress itself? And not only this, but also the American Parliamentary committee has reported and praised the development of Gujrat and the also praised Narendra Bhai Modi in its report. Now, on the basis of these facts Rahul ji just tell us that are they all the American Parliamentary committee, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and the report of your government telling lie if they are praising the Gujrat Model and Narendra Modi?

Dear brothers and sisters, it is Congress who is making India fool. We have a lot more threats and problems around us such as internal affairs and external affairs securities, Naxalism, Unemployment, Poverty, Financial crisis, corruption etc. therefore my dears I want a promise from all you and that is to make BJP powerful by supporting us on 21 seats out of 21 seats to make us strengthen so that we can give you the hope for best and a sustained government. And we promise that once again India will become the Master of World. Thanking you.

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