Speech of Shri Rajnath Singh in BJYM Campus Ambassador programme ( 07/01/14)


BJP National President Shri Rajnath Singh today addressed the national BJYM Campus Ambassador Program here at BJP headquarters, 11 Ashoka Road, New Delhi.

I congratulate and pray to god to give that merit, potential and talent to youths so that the dream to make India great comes true.  We are the citizens of a nation where 65% of the population is of youths. No any other country but India has that youth force. It is the biggest challenge for the youths as our country having such a youth force and given that there is no any shortage of natural resources is still called backward, counted poor and the country where there is extreme unemployment.

Bhartiya Janata Party deliberately decided to add all the youths of this country with the party through BJYM, as without the utilization of their potential, we will not be able to build that India what we want to. If we turn over the pages of history then indubitably we will come to the conclusion that for the first if there was someone who flagged off the Indian culture on international level then he was the one and only Swami Vivekanand. If I have to call someone global youth then it will be Swami Vivekanad as he was too young.

Shankaracharya was exceptional. What he did at the age of 16 was miraculous.  What youths can’t do? I believe that youths in the country have such potential that they can not only change their but the destiny of the nation.  On BJYM National President Anuraag Thakur Remarks that we want to see India as ‘Vishva Guru’, I want to add that only economic development can’t take India to that level. The need of the hour is economic plus spiritual development and then alone India can become ‘Vishva Guru’.

‘Our opponents call us a Hindu fundamentalist party but honestly I want to tell the youths that BJP is not a Hindu fundamentalist party but is the only political party that is development oriented national political party’. 

I know that today the information that has to be given regarding spiritualism is not been given through the educational system. Friends’ worshiping in Temple, Mosque and Church is not spiritualism.  In the entire universe the only sense oriented creature is human being. And that’s why humans are said to be emotion oriented. I want to tell you that the relation between a husband and a wife is not of blood but of emotions. The relation with our nation is not of blood but of emotions.

I would like to recall that when Chandra Shekhar Azad was fighting with the Britishers at the age of 26 then when he was left with a single bullet. He thought that if he gets killed by the foreign bullets of Britishers and therefore having thought of national pride he shot himself in the chest. What was that? Was it the relation between him and the earth? No it was the emotional relation between him and nation.  Ashfaq Ullah Khan at the age of 21 got hanged happily. His mother asked him to marry. But the day he was to be hanged he said I’m going to get married. The Magistrate asked him that where is the girl you are marrying with? Then he replied that the rope is my ‘Mahbuba’, whom I’m going to hug today. My friend this is what is called relation of emotion.

To enhance our mind is called spiritualism in our country.  You all are not only confined to knowledge but you also want luxurious life. Always remember, with mean mind one can’t be great and with broken heart one can’t stand. With an enhanced mind how happiness can be achieved let’s know it by a mathematical formula. Suppose that our mind is a circle. As you increase the circumference of the circle it will enlarge. If I have to explain it through a mathematical equation, I can say that circumference of mind is directly proportional to the magnitude of happiness. ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’ has been proclaimed from the Indian soil. And we have not only considered India but the world as the part our family. Not only India but we want to make the world great and this belief is only in India. And therefore I say that enhance your mind then alone we can make India ‘Vishva Guru’.

BJP is the only political party that is attached with the cultural stream. Today none of the political party has its own ideology and vision. Vision is that provides direction as well as sight and BJP is the party that can provide both. The greatest asset for a human being is credibility and if it goes everything vanishes.

Anurag Thakur whom we have made the President of BJYM is very dynamic and his performance in parliament has been great. Campus Ambassador Program has been initiated so as to prevent youths from getting in the wrong direction.

I am also M.Sc in physics. I have also been a teacher. I have also researched. But I could not get the degree in Directorate. In India if there is any language that is rich then it is Sanskrit. But nowadays it is vanishing. And therefore being the Education Minister of Uttar Pradesh I had implemented ‘Vaidik Mathematics’ and 36 books were written by our scholars.

‘Rajniti’ is derived from two Sanskrit words ‘Raj’ and ‘Niti’. Where ‘Niti’ means ‘Sanmarg’.  Unfortunately politics has lost it. I urge you all to take a pledge that we will recollect the word, the meaning and its value. Congratulations to all of you.

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