Speech of Shri Rajnath ji on OFBJP global meet (06/01/14)

BJP National President Shri Rajnath Singh today addressed OFBJP global meet held at 11, Ashoka Road, New Delhi.

I convey my deep regards and welcome NRI’s and all who are present in the meeting. I’m fortunate enough that in the history of BJP first time OFBJB global convention has been organized at party’s office. I congratulate the National Convenor OFBJP Mr. Vijay Jolly and all the Co-Convenors.


In the present time the political stature of BJP is larger than any party in India. After independence many parties came into existence but they all vanished and nobody even remembers them. No any party crossed the congress party as far as congress political stature is concerned but BJP has emerged as the single party that succeeded to achieve that political stature. This political stature is because BJP is the party that works on and that has its own ideology and thought. The speciality of BJP is that in the history of independent India major national parties like Congress and communist party have gone through vertical divisions for couple of times but BJP that came into existence in 1951 as Bhartiya Jan Sangh from that time to till date, it is the only party that has never been through vertical division.


People in the country have faith in BJP and the credibility left today among masses is only for this party.  This is why support for BJP is growing rapidly. More than 55 years BJP has been active in politics but no one can point a finger and say that there is any charge of corruption on its two great leaders, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Shri Lal Krishna Advani. I feel immense pleasure in saying that today we have such leader who is the most popular in India and he is Shri Narendra Modi’. Rising above all like caste, creed and religion people are offering their love and support to Shri Narendra Modi, whom we have projected as the Prime Ministerial Candidate.  Everyone is well aware of the BJP led government when shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of India. Even in all the states where BJP is in power, today all the political analyst have started accepting that in this country if there is any party that has given and can comparatively give good governance is only BJP. As a result of which we formed government in Gujarat for the third consecutive time and likewise in Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh. Generally it has never been seen in the history of India.  In the past assembly elections in four out of five states BJP emerged either as the single largest party or has clearly got the majority and formed the government. Congress succeeded in only one state that is Mizoram. It is the need of a healthy democracy that only one party must not win in all the states. For instance when a race competition is organized then the one who wins is given a prize and those who remain runners are given consolation prize, so the citizens have offered congress a consolation prize in the past assembly election.


When Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister at that time Indian economy saw momentum that established credibility all across the globe. When in 2010 Barak Obama visited India then in the central hall of parliament while addressing the members of both houses he said; ‘Bharat’ is not emerging but ‘Bharat’ has emerged. I believe that he might have had said and his perception would have been must be because of how India attained that economic momentum till 2004.

At that time the GDP growth rate was the highest that is 8.4% and India has never seen that growth rate ever. Today whether we talk about fiscal deficit or current account deficit everyone is well aware of the condition. When Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of India then India was not current account deficit but was current account surplus country. Infrastructure (the four lane and wide streets) IT and Telecom sector was advanced when Shri Atal Ji was the Prime Minister of India. During his tenure Pokhran Atomic Test was carried out though he was fully aware that other Countries will oppose this step. But still he did that and everyone knows that developed countries stopped giving financial assistance to India but still economy was not affected. And credit for this is to be given to the NRI brothers as at that time India resurgent bond were issued that saved the economy. Chinese Diaspora is the largest in the world and then comes India. I urge NRIs to help in the formation of Government. If 2.5 crore of the NRIs will decide it then he can say that in the next 10 years India will become economic super power. I feel that NRIs friends have that potential and such power that will help India achieve that. BJP’s target is also the same and that is the party wants to see and make India economic super power. We as a party not only think about economic development but we also want spiritual development. Then alone we can establish India as a super power in the world.

In the six years of BJP being in power the growth rate increased and Shri Atal Bihari being the Prime Minister controlled inflation. We are not urging for votes only on the base of words but on the base of our deeds and performance.


Our current account deficit is increasing because our export is getting lesser and import is increasing. So infrastructure sector must be boosted and BJP will do that. We will think if resurgent bond can be issued again so that our NRI brothers invest in the manufacturing sector so as to increase the export.

I strongly feel that during elections in India, there should be a proper arrangement to vote for the NRIs who reside in various countries and they should be given the right to vote at the Indian embassies as they want to see India as an emerged country.


I have some issues with the US immigration Bill that is Border Security Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act 2013. Visa fees have increased and more than 5 lakhs of our IT engineers are suffering.  As the party president on this OFBJP meeting I want to appeal US government to relook and review this act.


I also feel that there should be an arrangement for the NRIs children’s who want to take admission in well recognized Indian institutes and colleges.


Everyone today says that this UPA led government must go and BJP shall come in power. Indian success story will be rewritten when BJP will come in power again in 2014 with clear majority. I appeal NRIs to support Bhartiya Janta Party.

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