Speech of Shri Rajnath ji in Vijay Sankalp Rally, Goa(12/01/14)


Shri Vinay Tendulkar, State President, Bhartiya Janata Party, Goa. Whom, the entire country wants to see as the Prime Minister, Respected Narendra Modi Ji. Whose ornaments are Straightforwardness, simplicity and generosity, popular Chief Minister of Goa Shri Manohar Parikar Ji and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Francis D’Souza. All India Vice President of Bhartiya Janata Party and In-charge of here, Smt. Smriti Irani. Popular MP of here Shri Padnaik Ji, Shri V Satish, Shri Dayanand Mandekar, Shri Deepak Dhavalkar Ji, Shri Laxmi Parsekhar and Shri Surin Dharlekar and all brothers and sisters present here.

Brothers and Sisters when from the Airport I was on my way with Narendra Bhai to take part in this rally then I saw an ocean having water. But when today I reached the rally I saw that here is also a small ocean and this ocean doesn’t have water but People. I’m seeing this kind of an ocean. You all gave us a warm welcome. You all welcomed us with flower garlands and claps. But welcome and greetings must not be one sided. So being the President of Bhartiya Janata Party, I bow my head to all the brothers and sisters greet and welcome you all.

Brothers and Sisters I want you all to recall that today is 12th of January. We are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Vivekanand Ji. Prior to all, the one who hoisted the Indian flag on international platform then he was Swami Vivekanand. And if someone asks me that if I have to call someone India’s first global youth then I will say that if someone who has to be called India’s  first global then it has to be Swami Vivekanand. He is indubitably the first global youth of India.

As far as Goa is concerned I know that not only in India but it holds a position in the entire world. People think that to travel and for entertainment we should visit Goa. But I feel that people are unaware of the history, tradition and culture of Goa. The history of Goa is not only of 451 years. The history of Goa must not be assumed from the time of Portuguese rule. Instead, I know that the history of Goa touches the Mahabharat and Puran era.  If I see Puran’s then in that also Goa has been called as the land of gods. We all know that when ‘Mahadev Shankar’was upset with ‘Parvati’, then lord Shiva chose the land of Goa for penance.  It is also said that Goa is the land that destroys all the misdeeds. It is that holy land. It is ironical that the world is not aware of it. It would like to recall that on 9th of June 2013 the national executive meeting was held here.  Brothers and Sisters… on the 9th of June we all began the consecution that if anyone has to be the Prime Minister of India then it has to be the most popular leader of the nation Shri Narendra Modi. And in the same meeting on the base and assurance of all the workers, I being the chairman of Election Campaign Committee announced it. And it all stated from that time. After correct 3 months on 13 September the central parliamentary board of BJP with the general consensus took the decision that if someone must be the Prime Minister then it has to be Shri Narendra Modi. But I know the truth and no one can forget it that when in 1961 the freedom movement was going on at that time for freedom Indian forces showed their power and capability. No one can forget that. I salute all the soldiers through this rally and want to greet them who for freedom proved their power, capability and bravery. Sometime I think that India got independence in 1947 but why not Goa? Why 14 years passed? However before that when I read history of Goa then I come to the conclusion that when in 1787 Pinto revolt took place in which the Christian and Priests blown the bugle of revolt that our Goa has to be free. That means in the 18th century the fight for freedom started. But that Goa got freedom after 14 years. I think that if at that time Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru would have showed some sense then our Goa would have got independence in 1947. The condition of Jammu and Kashmir is also the same because of the weak policies of the Congress Government. Jammu and Kashmir that is not in the mainstream because of the wrong policies of congress and article 370 is away from the main stream of India and I held Congress Government responsible for this.

Brothers and Sisters… of the 67 years of independence for more than 55 years if any party has been in power then it is the Congress party. But how ironic it is that congress being in power for more than 55 years but India is still counted among the poor countries in the world.  Who is responsible for this? If any party has to be held responsible for this then it is the Congress party. For the last 10 years again congress is ruling the nation. The time congress has emerged from that time inflation is rising rapidly. Corruption has broken all the records. Internal and external security is also in danger. Who is responsible for this? Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Smt. Sonia Gandhi… I’m taking the name of both because in his press conference Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has accepted the truth that in India there is not only one but two power centers. One power center belongs to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the other belongs to congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi.  Why inflation is raising Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji? We have also run Government in this country. Who can reject the truth that in the independent India if anyone ever succeeded in controlling inflation for 6 years then the name of the son of mother India is Pandit Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Brothers and sisters, war between India and Pakistan took place the one we know as Kargil war. Indian soldiers showed their capabilities and power and registered a win over Pakistan. We didn’t let inflation go up though Kargil war happened.  Not only this, we completed our atomic test in Pokhran with five atomic bomb blasts, though all the developed countries in the world opposed it. All the developed countries imposed financial ban but still we didn’t let inflation to grow.

Today the economy of the nation is worst. The price of rupee is rapidly going down. And there was time of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government and BJP led NDA Government, at that time India was not a current account deficit country but a current account surplus country. This environment was created by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Foreign debt is continuously increasing. Current account deficit is increasing. Because of it the value of rupee is going down. The day Bhartiya Janata Party will come into power, the day Narendra Bhai will become the Prime Minister, brothers and sisters I have seen that Narnedra Bhai has a vision and conviction.  He knows that how India will be made a Powerful India. Narendra Bhai knows it better that how India can be made a super economic power. We will boost the manufacturing sector not only this but we will also prepare low cost items in manufacturing sector. We will increase our export and reduce import. With this India will not be a current account deficit country but a current account surplus country.

I really want to congratulate your Chief Minister Shri Manohar Parikar who instead of growing inflation decided that even if the other states in the country are suffering from raising inflation but he will not let the people of people of Goa suffer. If anyone who took this decision then it is Manohar Parikar. Goa is the only state in India where petrol is very economical. When we discuss it in other states people wonder. Not only this fruits and vegetables are also being sold at 250 stalls by the Government so that the citizens get fruit and vegetables at low prices. If anyone is offering you price protection then it is your Chief Minister Manohar Parikar. Indubitably Chief Minister has to be like him. When I see poor’s then the state which has decreased poverty then the state is Goa. And the Chief Minister of that Goa is Manohar Parikar. Manohar Parikar Ji you are to be congratulated.

I belong to the largest state Uttar Pradesh and I can say that the per capita GDP of Goa is 7 times more than our Uttar Pradesh, this is the condition of Goa. You all deserve compliments friends. But I have come here today to say that, brothers and sister’s election is near.  And now congress wants to held Prime Minister Manmohan Singh responsible for its failure.  I want to relate about Manmohan Singh who has two determination in his entire life. One is he will be supporting congress for whole life and other is he would be silent when he is supposed to speak. And you can see where there is a need to speak he keeps mum. Before some day he briefed a press conference and in that conference he told if country has Prime Minister like Narendra Modi it would be a disastrous. I want to ask Manmohan Singh the people of Gujarat who elected Shri Modi for three times as Chief Minister and the world has accepted that Gujarat is the model state of India then how it would be disastrous for India to have Prime Minister like Shri Narendra Modi.  Sisters and brothers, this country needs a strong leadership who has vision, conviction and courage. And I assure you all, if there is such type of leader in Hindustan, he is Mr. Narendra Modi, who is projected by BJP as a PM candidate. My friends, through newspapers and tv channel, these news flash that China is entering in India and you are known about that matter in which Pakistan has shooted an Indian army and took away his head. Firmly, I can say from the day onwards when we have a Prime Minister like Mr. Narendra Modi, no country would have capability to see India in bad-manner. That bold determination our Narendra Modi has. But, my sisters and brothers, I want to request you all, I need assurance from you. If you are ready to give words to me, I start saying… friends, we can collect votes from other states and can reach at the level of 270 lok-sabha seats but we need two Member of Parliament from your state, Goa, so please, support us that we can stand on full supported government of 272. With this request, I end my speech. Thanks you all.

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