Shri Rajnathji Speech in Vijay Shankhnaad Rally Meerut Eng. (02/02/14)

1daI am paying my deepest gratitude to;

-Dr. Lakshmikant Bajpai Ji, the state president of Uttar Pradesh BJP

-and moreover, the most popular leader of India, to whom the changing India wish to see as the next Prime Minister of India in the coming election of 2014, respected Mr. Narendra Modi Ji

-the respected Ex-Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Kalyaan Singh Ji

-Respected Shri Kalraj Mishra Ji, Tandon Ji, Om Prakash Ji, Shri Vinay Katiyar Ji, Dr. Ramaapati Ram Tripathi Ji

-Our national General Secretary of BJP Shri Amit Shah Ji

-Our prominent leader of legislation group Shri Hukum Singh Ji,

– the respected Mayor and the popular MP, Shri Rajendra Kumar Ji along with all the present MP’s, MLA’s and the respected leaders and party workers and all the my brothers and sisters

My dear brothers, I felt splendid and proud to see the ocean of the people through the Helicopter while coming here to this place. Watching from the helicopter to all of you made me feel like I am not going to address the folk or the people but the ocean of one India mass on the holy and historical soil of Meerut. Modi Ji, I am glad to share that the city where are we right now Meerut has it’s very much importance in the history of India; and not only the Meerut city but also the whole western UP has it’s great role and historical importance. We may find the name of Meerut in our holy spiritual scriptures such as Ramayana and Mahabharat. Everyone who knows about first independence revolt of 1857 must know the importance of Meerut city, from where the first whistle was blown against the British Government by raising the voice ‘Angrejo Bahar Jao’. And the same voice was raised by the people of Meerut against British to leave Delhi.

And now the scene I am seeing before me, makes me comfortable to say that the people of Meerut has decided to make Congress off from the throne  of Delhi as their past 10 years ruling was good for nothing. By watching you all and by sensing yours dream for success, development and the growth of nation, I believe that the people of India want to throw a clear message to Congress to quit Delhi, quit India and empty the way to BJP for Growth, Success and Good Governance.

As far as the question begins for the need of a commander to hold the situation for next general elections of 2014, India knows well that BJP has decided it’s commander for next election. And, I need not to make his prominent personality introduced who has done best job being a chief minister of Gujrat continuously 12 years, who set the standard by setting the Gujrat as a Model state of India and made us proud as well. And by God’s grace and yours blessings BJP is going to fight in the next election under our nominated PM candidate so far; but the ruling party Congress could not dare to nominate their PM candidate and our Prime Minister clearly stated that I shall not be the next PM, it means Congress has assimilated its defeat. But as all of you know that on the every specific field the ruling party Congress has been failed whether corruption is concerned or inflation or internal affairs or external, everywhere congress has been failed since last 10 years.

Now Congress again wants to distract the people of India from these burning issues as they used to do the same thing in past years under their distraction policy. But now the nation will not be distracted again.

Under the distraction policy of Congress it is said that whatsoever happened in the tenure of Modi’s ruling in Gujrat; he should apologize for that. But, I want to ask a question to the friends and alliance of Congress that the unfortunate riots were taken place in Gujrat once only since last 12 years, whether in the same span of time other ruling parties including Congress, BSP, SP and so on are accused to flame the unfortunate riots hundreds of times. I wish to say to the alliances of Congress that if the apology is to be taken then it must be taken from your side only. And, as the matter of Mr. Modi’s concerned, unfortunately the riots were taken place once in the 12 years and he always condemned it. Riots or violence should always be condemned and defamed whether in any form or at any place. At the time of Gujrat riots in 2002 Mr. Modi condemned that and said that it was such an unfortunate incident happened. And now, if we talk about the current scenario of Gujrat the Per Capita Income of the resident minority of the state is much higher than other states across India. And, this miracle is done by Mr. Modi. At that time in 2002 we were facing intensive tension on the border with our neighbor country and forced to put our soldiers on our borders to protect our nation, but then again it is because of Mr. Modi’s foresight and ability in that critical situation that the army was called upon to take control over riots in Gujrat. But seems that Congress don’t want the people of India to mind that condition.

But I want to say that the apology must be worn by Shrimati Sonia Gandhi Ji, Shri Rahul Gandhi Ji and the Prime Minister of India Shri Manmohan Singh Ji for 1984 Sikh riots! Everybody knows that in 1984 it was Congress leaders who flamed the riots and Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi said on the assassination of Late Shrimati Indira Gandhi Ji that ‘when a big trees falls it shakes the earth’; and just after that statement the riots began, therefore who is responsible for 1984 riots where a large scale of massacre has taken place. It is Congress who is responsible for that unfortunate riot. That’s why I am saying if the apology has be to worn, it must be worn by Congress. Congress is responsible for not only the riots but also the division of India in 1947 so they should apologize for that. Why BJP would? BJP has not committed any crime so why would we apologize? Our ethics believe in equality, we don’t make differences on the basis of religion, cast, creed, culture, ethnicity or language. We believe in the social strength and society is made with us, everybody makes his contribution to make society stronger and if anyone among us would be weak then the strong society can’t take place anymore. Then it will be hard to shape our dream nation where everybody is pleased and everywhere is peace.

How strange is this that the state government of Uttar Pradesh Samajwadi Party, and Baahujan Samaj Party are making alliances and providing support to Congress in Delhi, who is responsible for poverty, high inflation, corruption and many more burning issues that led India back.

My dear respected brothers and sisters, it is well known that if any party or policy has made ample of corruption no matter whether in to the sky or on the earth or even in the oceans, it is done by Congress only and set a record for it in the independent India.

It is widely known that more than 2 years have been passed away since Samajwadi Party has been ruling in Uttar Pradesh; but the law and order situation is completely deteriorated in UP in the span of 2 years only. Criminals and crime is in their full swing, women, daughters and sisters are not secured enough. SP always tried to make a lot differences between Hindu and Muslims just to make sure their Government is safe and they are ruling in UP. They never ever are worried for Uttar Pradesh but what they have been worried for is only to make government and be there anyhow. Corruption is in its full swing in UP, no matter which government office or department you are visiting to make your work done but without paying bribe your work is never going to be done. These kinds of scenes are general nowadays in UP.

Dear brothers and sisters, whats so ever has happened in Muzaffarnagar, the government of the state is responsible for the people of Muzaffarnagar. Not the police department but only the Samajwadi Government is solely responsible for it and they must be punished for this crime. And, more painful situation is, that the relief is distributed among them on the basis of religion only.

SP made bundles of promises just to secure their party should be in power but what happened of those promises? I can see the large number of youth is presented here so I want to ask you that Mr. Mulayam Singh Ji promised to provide the laptops just after the government settled. What happened? Have you guys got yours laptops till now? Not a single promise they fulfilled till now.

The Meerut city is the soil of farmers and when I say farmer only two names are counted in this regard who really worked for farmers, the first one is late Choudhary Charan Singh Ji and secondly by late  Mahendra Singh Tikait Ji. I pay my deepest gratitude to them. Here, a great number of farmers are presenting so I want to ask you if your sugarcane payment is released. Modi Ji, more than 2500 crore rupees is pending to be released for our farmer brothers, but the SP government is not worried for them, what they are worried for is their votes only. This is the situation of Uttar Pradesh.

SP government made promise to provide 24 hours power supply  if they are chosen to make government in the state but fails to keep their wordings one more time. Modi Ji, the people of this province are well aware that being the chief minister of the state in past I have provided electricity in evening to make sure that when our labor and farmer brothers reach their home by evening after their hard work they can at least see their soul mates face in the light and feel good. But the state government of SP has snatched this tiny pleasure from them as well. But, my dear brothers I make you believe that we will do everything perfectly for you if you all bless us with your full support to make BJP in power and make Mr. Modi the Prime Minister. Because we know that India can’t grow without the growth of farmers. Farmers are the base of nation, they are biggest producers and great consumers. If farmers would be wealthy then the whole India will be wealthy automatically. So for that sake, we have decided to deploy a scheme in to the favor of farmers to make sure that their income is settled down before ploughing the field. You may visit across India and may easily find that the BJP governed states are working intensively in to favor of farmers by providing them loan with the minimum interest rates of 1% and 0%, and it is being done by BJP governed states and not in other states.

As for as the Military and external affairs are concerned, I can see our military officials and ex-military officials are sitting here. I know that our soldiers mostly belong to farmer’s families and merchant’s families and face the enemies bravely on borders to protect our nation. India is the mother of brave personalities and real heroes but nowadays what happened to us? Our neighbors are threatening us now and then, and we keep quite! China, every after a week declares Arunanchal Pradesh in his province, and sometimes challenges over Sikkim, sometime over Kashmir issues, and what we do? Nothing! And on the other hands Pakistan use to invade in to our borders and dare to cut off the head of our soldiers and our Prime Minister don’t say even a single word to them! We want peace with our neighbors on borders but not at the price of these obnoxious things happened. Shri Atal Ji, used to say that a friend can be changed but a neighbor can’t. I want to ask the PM and Shrimati Sonia Gandhi Ji that why did they not spoken to Pakistan on this burning and disgusting action? Do they not feel proud on Indian Army or they just don’t care about our soldiers? I wish to make you remind that when the Kargil war was taken placed Shri Atal Ji was the Prime Minister of India. And at that time our soldiers showed Pakistan his level on battle field and Pakistan got defeated.

I do say Sonia Ji, that really Mr. Manmohan Singh Ji is the remote PM of India and this kind of government is ever seen. I want to make an appeal to Sonia Ji and Manmohan Ji, that please don’t consider our army weak, let our army to decide once and then see who has more guts and courage to fight and win. And today, I rest or army assured to fulfill their long awaited desire for ‘One Rank-One Pension’ when Mr. Modi Ji will be the PM with full support and then ofcourse we shall honor to our soldiers.

Dear Brothers and sisters, In last I want to make one more appeal to you, and appeal is for that sake only because Congress don’t want BJP to be more powerful. I wish to let you aware that not only here but also across India no matter whether it is North India or South, East India or West, wherever Mr. Modi goes, the cloud of energetic Indian mass is flooded to welcome him. And this is horrifying to Congress. Now, I want to let you aware about the ill policies of Congress against BJP. They shall deploy every possible action whether it is ethical or not just to make BJP defamed and weaken as they are doing in Delhi by supporting a specific party, and this is for only to detain BJP’s power. Now, it’s up to you whether you decide to establish a strong government with definite PM or not!

With all your permission and blessings should I take a promise from you? Shall it be worn? Today, the clouds of the people before my eyes are sitting here and I believe that they have come up from all the 14 parliamentary legislations of the province. Therefore I request you to please vote for BJP over all 14 legislations regardless the candidate. Just keep in mind to make a strong government and perfect PM in center.

And now, with all due respect once again I thanks to all of you. Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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