Shri Rajnath Singh Speech on ‘The idea of the good governance’ in Law Faculty D.U (28/01/14)

I pay my cordial gratitude towards, Dean Faculty of law Professor Ashwini Bansal Ji, Professor Mrs. Usha Tandon Ji, and my dear Shri Pankaj Chaudhary Ji, and the community of every respected teachers presenting here in this auditorium including all my young friends. I am feeling lucky to visit this place second time and moreover feeling privileged to address the law faculty students at the same place where I have visited in the year of 2008 as well.

I was little bit confused while Shri Pankaj Chaudhary was introducing me to all of you. I really appreciate his concern but some sort of things in his introductory speech was bounced over my head and for the clarification I was asking to professor Bansal that what Shri Chaudhary is speaking about me? But, having listened up his thorough speech I got to know that he was trying to make my value higher. I really appreciate his concern, but it seems that Shri Chaudhary is also influenced and imposed strongly by ‘Manhgai Daayan’, and being captured by Mahngai Daayan he raised my value as well before you. But, my dear friends, a number of praising words and similes are not necessary to portray a person because I believe that the value of men is decided by his deeds not by his designation. And this fact must be understood to every one of us.

The topic chosen over the Good Governance subject for today’s lecture is very much important; but on the contrary it is submissive to elaborate the said topic within thirty or forty five minutes to sum up along with making complete sense of good governance. And nobody guarantees that whatsoever ideas are projected by speaker is perfect.

But I personally believe that according to BJP’s thinking for good governance at the first sight reflects the credibility established in the democratic set up to ensure the transparency between the government and the people. As far as the independent India is concerned, the credibility of Indian politicians has been decreased enough in the public just because of false promises and a lot more differences between their wordings and deeds so far. And, this crisis of credibility is getting worst day by day. I expect from all political parties and leaders who talk about good governance must take this crisis of credibility as a challenge which is derived with the false commitments and differences between words and deeds of politicians. The firm credibility cannot be taken place till the time this difference exists. If we look back since the independence in 1947 we find that in every elections political parties approached public, made thousands of promises just to ensure their government should come in to the power whether in center or in states. On this basis we can say that if few percent of their promises were fulfilled, India would have been the super economic power in the world undoubtedly. That’s why I am saying that the crisis of credibility is great challenge before us. Every political party and leaders must accept this challenge and moreover they must assimilate the aim to build society and nation, but not only the government itself then only the action plans for good governance shall be taken place effectively without fail.

I remember, in 1998 I was designated as the Education Minister in Uttar Pradesh and at that time in there was mass copying existed in examinations. I called upon my secretary and said that what kind of government is this where mass copying is not barred? Is it possible for our youths to enhance their knowledge level and improve their skill sets by copying? Then you know, I was advised not to take any step against mass copying and for that sake the logic was given to me that more than crores of students are there in Uttar Pradesh and if any anti copy act would be taken place the voting would be against BJP in next elections for sure.  I approached to cabinet then and debate was taken place but our proposal could not pass. I projected our proposal for second time and again it was failed to pass, afterward I personally met with the Chief Minister and requested him to help and support to pass that proposal in the cabinet or if any better ideas are there against mass copying must be enacted. By accepting my request the honorable Chief Minister projected our proposal in to the cabinet meeting on Thursday and appealed every minister to pass the proposal, and then it was passed. It can be easily imagined that having passed anti copying bill the total percentage of passed means the able students were only 14% against 70-80% prior. And from there only our education system started changing. It enforced students to learn, made parents more focused about their children and schools to start rigorous study immensely.

Therefore sometime, hard decisions are to be taken to ensure good governance because good governance can’t be scaled over set parameters of graphs and numbers only rather it is the feeling spread in the mass that the government is doing its work properly. So the performance is one of the most deciding factors of the Good Governance. The good governance is basically a democracy and democracy states people first. And if there are people there are problems and grievances of their own, and once their grievances and problems are eradicated by the government and ensure the sustained development, it is said that the government is doing its function well and there is good governance. If I ask you a question that how many governments have performed well on the parameters of good governance in India since independence in 1947? Then what the answer would be there from you? Because I cannot make perfect valuation but the people of India can. I see the first need of good governance is the sense of security; security, not in the sense of Law and Order terms but in the sense of self-security in terms of health, education, employment and others. This sense of security must be reflected by the performances of governments. But what happened in the free India since so far?

It is the sole and the prior responsibility of governments to ensure the people of India in terms of sense of security and protection. But as long as the governments fail to keep their sole and first responsibility, it creates chaos and the people get annoyed feeling ditched and unsatisfied. This scenario provokes people to find better option, but once the chosen option also gets failed the scene is reversed again and the first one government comes in power again and this process results slow development rate.

Friends, generally I don’t use to deliver my speech on political issues in academic institutions but once I entered in to this campus I felt that our Delhi University’s students are well aware about the politics as if you are Law students as well. So including aforementioned actions if the performance is shown then we can say that the government is working under good governance policy. It is also right up to an extent that transportation, electricity, water, health, education, employment are known as primary responsibilities as well. In current scenario one more major factor exists and that is Price Hike and high inflation by today’s governments. I wish to remind you that the issues like price hike have been done prior to independence India as well during the reign of Khilji dynasty 800 years back in the history and at that time the rulers have taken necessary steps to make price stabilization. I must say that the effective decisions should be deployed to prevent price hike at the earliest by the prime minister. I must make you reminder about the government of Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji who always kept the price hike issue on his priority and always kept directed the government officials to take control over price hike. He used to say that other task and fields of government can be compromised once but no compromise over the price hike else poor will die. Is it not fact that in the history of independent India if any government restrained price hike during its 6 years of working was Shri Atal Biiahri Bajpai’s government?  Sometimes it is said that the price hike increases according to GDP growth rate increases and sometimes the logic is given for price hike as the whole world is facing economic crisis. Then off course in general way we can’t be isolated from the international economy of rest of the world, resulting India will also suffer with this economic crisis. I am not an economist but do know that price hike decreases not increases as the economic slump increases. Now see from here only the crisis of credibility starts as the leader projects wrong messages and logics to the people.

I want to make you remember that in the year of 2001 during the government of Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji, the global economic crisis existed once and at that time India was the only country across the globe that never allowed its economic condition to be affected anymore by implying its great policies against economic slump.

Now anybody can ask that how could he do that? Then, my answer is that the as much heavy investment had taken place in the infrastructure sector only in the government of Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji since independence in India and not by any other government so far. And, you now my friends, what heavy investment in infrastructure resulted? The numbers, here I am going to provide you are not mine but generated by one of the most eminent government agencies named National Sample Survey Organization of India, and its survey shows that six crore seventy thousands new jobs opportunities originated during the tenure of 1998 to 2004. Again, that agency says that only 27 lakhs job opportunities claimed during 2004 to 2012! Now, decide that whichever government should be called good governance?

My dear friends, I believe that you must be aware well that to make control over economy of country is the responsibility of government itself. During the government of Shri Atal Ji, the fiscal deficit and current account deficit were in control but nowadays these are running out of control. During Atal Ji’s reign India was known as current account surplus country not deficit country. The memories are fresh when I went to America in the month of September and I was invited for dinner organized by American Senate. The American Senate was surprised to know that we are counted as surplus country and not as deficit country. This is known as the art to tackle situation and move forward. I believe that three things are mandatory for good leadership i.e. Vision, Passion and Mission. And as you all know that at that time during the reign of Shri Atal Bhihari Bajapi Ji there was critical situation occurred when Kargil war began; but on one hand our brave soldiers defeated Pakistan and on the other hand our Government did not allow price hike to be increased.

All the developed countries used to threaten India not to continue the testing of nuclear bomb. They threatened India by saying that if testing continues the financial assistance will be blocked to us. But the man of national self-pride Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji never care about their threatening and asked to our great scientists to make as much explosions on the VeerBhoomi of Rajsthan as required to make testing successful. Five atomic explosions had taken place and the testing got done successfully. It made the developed countries resent and India was banned in terms of financial assistance by all the developed countries of the world but then again in the tough condition Shri Atal Ji never allowed price hike to be increased anymore.

And, this is not it; the president of the strongest country of the world Mr Barack Obama once visited India in 2010, he said in his speech addressing both the houses of our parliament that India has emerged country not the emerging country, and this was said by him in the reference to Shri Atal Bihari Japai Ji’s government since 1998 to 2004.

Today, the poor are getting die due to the lack of proper cure of their diseases. Who will take their responsibility? Can the proper working with great policies favoring poor not be taken place with in the five years of government? I wish to congratulate the Chief Minister of Gujrat Shri Narendra Modi for ensuring the health insurance of everybody in the state. And this is the great responsibility of the government to clear the premium of poor who is not able to sustain his insurance policy. I started the same thing when I was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Today everybody knows that what kind of education is being provided in the government schools of primary level. There is too much lack of quality of education.

As far as the employment issue is concerned only fake promises such as providing dolce, allowances and other benefits just to win the elections only but afterwards no such promises are kept. But I know the youth of India at their best. They don’t want any allowances, dolce or others, what they want are to live with pride and honor.

Should they not be employed according to their ability and knowledge? Today youth are coming from villages to the cities seeking job and work opportunities. Why should they move? Aren’t we able to provide employment in villages? Aren’t we able to provide good education there? Aren’t we able to provide health security? Why should anybody move towards cities if the basic civic amenities such as roads, electricity, water, health services and security be provided in villages itself? Mahatma Gandhi used to talk about Gram Swaraj. We have to develop our villages if want to India developed.

I can see the condition of manufacturing industry. I am sure that the jobs opportunities can’t grow as much as required without growing the manufacturing industry. Can’t we increase the contribution of manufacturing industry of 13-14% in the GDP of India by more than that? The deficit in the manufacturing industry resulting market filled with poor quality China made things, and I believe that we Indians have more potential and efficiency to capture the market by our quality products only. That’s why rest of the world shows their interest in India made goods. But this sector is not as much promoted as required. Today we are preceded by our imports rather than exports. Now the ill condition of manufacturing industry resulting the increased current account deficit. The increased current account deficit causes the foreign debt regularly resulting the Indian rupees fall in comparison to US dollar.

Our Indian Prime Minister being en great economist should not have said that BJP hold parliament session blocked that’s why the foreign investment is not taking place in India. Friends, now I want to ask if there is lack of human resources or natural resources in India that India can’t stand up in position without the help of foreign investments? If this is is right then why our domestic investors are moving to foreign countries? There is no answer of this question. Dear friends, a government can be established for a while not the nation by ditching people.

Corruption is a big issue. Just explore in any of the government departments, your file doesn’t move even an inch until bribe is given. CAG has reported the worth of billions of rupees corruption. Should we not restrain the corruption? Corruption can’t be restrained just by passing a Lokpal Bill because it is limitless that the said files of corruption are moved from ministries as well. What a shame?  Now the second point to hold corruption is the self-value to be sourced within us. The leaders will have to work as the source of inspirations. We shall have to make changes in education system, judiciary system, administration system and economic system; everything to be discussed but is not being discussed. If we need to control corruption we shall have to change the whole system and make changes within us by adopting truth and our Indian culture in its real meaning that allows everybody to be honest, well cultured and generous. The culture of India is best among rest of the world. I have been the student of physics and being so I challenge that every single fundamentals are derived from our scriptures only. Friends, if we talk about the great kings in our history then we have Lord Shri Ram who bore exile of 14 years just for the sake of keeping commitment of his father, this is our culture and also we have King Harishchandra in same order.

Friends, Pakistani army comes here and cut off the heads of our brave soldiers cowardly. China, every after a week declares Arunanchal Pradesh in his province, and sometimes challenges over Sikkim, sometime over Kashmir issues, and what we do? Nothing! And on the other hands Pakistaan use to invade in to our borders and dare to cut off the head of our soldiers and our Prime Minister don’t say even a single word to them! We want peace with our neighbors on borders but not at the price of these obnoxious things happened. Shri Atal Ji, used to say that a friend can be changed but a neighbor can’t. I want to ask the PM and Shrimati Sonia Gandhi Ji that why did they not spoken to Pakistaan on this burning and disgusting action? Do they not feel proud on Indian Army or they just don’t care about our soldiers? I wish to make you remind that when the Kargil war was taken placed Shri Atal Ji was the Prime Minister of India. And at that time our soldiers showed Pakistan his level on battle field and Pakistan got defeated.

I do say Sonia Ji, that really Mr. Manmohan Singh Ji is the remote PM of India and this kind of government is ever seen. I want to make an appeal to Sonia Ji and Manmohan Ji, that please don’t consider our army weak, let our army to decide once and then see who has more guts and courage to fight and win.

In 2003 when Shri Atal ji visited China, he played one of the best roles as a diplomatic person with China and hold them back declaring Sikkim in their province. Since then China never declares Sikkim in their province. This is the kind of diplomatic skills.

I encourage and think about India not only to become the super economic power but also the perfect spiritual point as well ensuring India becomes the Master of world. Spiritualism is not concerned with moving to temples, mosques, churches or Gurudwaras but rather it connects us to become more generous as the human being is control by their heart instinct. Everybody wants happiness, but narrow heated can’t feel happiness; it is felt by broad hearted and desired people only. Atal ji used to say that nobody can become great by narrow heart and even can’t stand up firmly by broken heart. The person with the great heart cares for not only his family, friends and fans but also the whole society, the nation and the world as well. In mathematical terms the happiness is directly proportional to the diameter of circle of heart. As much the circle’s diameter increases the happiness increases itself. Circumference of Mann is directly proportional to the magnitude of Sukh. This is spirituality itself and in the same way India can become the Master of World.

I am thankful to everybody the Deans, teachers, students in this program for inviting me. Thank you very much.


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