Union Home Minister calls for strengthening of strategies to deal with cyber crimes (05-11-2014)

While participating in the 100th General Assembly Session of Interpol in Monaco, the Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh delivered his speech on the topic of “Contemporary Criminal Trends and New Challenges to police cooperation” on 4th November 2014. He delivered his speech in Hindi setting a new milestone as it was the first time any speech had been delivered in Hindi in the General Assembly of Interpol in the last 100 years.

The Union Home Minister congratulated the Interpol on attaining its centenary status and appreciated the efforts towards international cooperation from all the member countries to turn back the crime. He cited the Indian philosophy ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’- the whole world is a family. He said that India believes in the well being of the whole world alongside its own. He reiterated that India upholds stronger international relation towards legal cooperation among the countries to tackle crime and more importantly the transnational organized crime. He quoted the saying of the great Indian philosopher Swami Vivekanand “The decay in societies is not so much attributed to the activities of the criminal but to the inactivity and neutral attitude of the good people”.

Shri Rajnath Singh underlined the role of information technology to bring about even better control in the field of cyber security, preventing misuse of internet social media for spreading toxic ideology in particular including the radicalization of the people. The subject of fool proof cyber security is of paramount importance.

The Union Home Minister exhorted the member countries to implement mutual legal assistant treaty in true letter and spirit so as to complete investigation in time. The cases relating to money laundering, terrorism, financial and high-tech crimes, intellectual property rights violation and illegal migrations are problems affecting all the countries and therefore we all should join hands to strengthen Interpol to fight these issues.

Shri Rajnath Singh appreciated the e-extradition module as also Online Mutual Legal Assistance request writer developed by Interpol and UNODC respectively for speedier handling of cases.

The Union Home Minister concludes his speech by appreciating the role of Interpol in integrating the efforts of the member countries to tackle crime and conveyed his best wishes for even more power and effective Interpol.

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