Press Statement issued by Shri Rajnath Singh, President, Bharatiya Janta Party on 20.03.2014


Shri L.K. Advani has represented the Gandhinagar Parliamentary Constituency since 1991.  He has been winning that constituency in each of the last five general elections by a large margin. The Gujarat Unit of BJP had unanimously recommended Shri Advaniji’s name for contesting the Lok Sabha election from Gandhinagar this time also, and the Central Election Committee of the Party also unanimously decided that Shri Advaniji should contest from Gandhinagar.

There was an alternate suggestion that Shri Advaniji should contest from Bhopal. The Madhya Pradesh Unit of the  BJP has recommended Shri Advaniji’s name from the Bhopal Lok Sabha seat.  They were keen that Shri Advaniji, the senior most leader of the party should contest from that State, so that the Party’s gains in that State may also be enhanced.

I have consulted the members of the Parliamentary Board and the Central Election Committee of the Party on this issue telephonically since most of the members are traveling in various parts of the country.  It is the unanimous view of the party that the choice of where to contest from should be left to Shri Advaniji himself.  I have spoken to Shri Advaniji and conveyed the views of all to him in this regard.  The Party will respect the opinion of Shri Advaniji with regard to his choice of constituency for contesting the election.

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