We will restore credibility in politics: BJP chief

BJP chief Rajnath Singh said on Thursday that there has been a tremendous crisis of credibility among politicians and political parties due to differences in their words and deeds and the BJP is committed to restore this credibility.

Singh said this while talking to media persons before leaving for a campaign trail in Jodhpur division.

“In a healthy democracy, policies should be for the welfare of people, the communities and the nation but the Congress attempted to win the support of people by misleading and confusing them only with an eye on power,” he alleged.

He said that this is because of the corruption by Congress in Jal, Thal and Nabh (water, land and sky) repeatedly. “The Congress has set new standards of corruption in every field,” he said.

Singh said that since Independence, Congress has ruled the nation for 55 years and still the party is stuck on issues like food security. “GDP has fallen to 4.4%, fiscal and trade deficits are increasing, rupee is falling, manufacturing sector is dismal and not only this but the country has reported largest erosion of its borders,” he said. Drawing a comparison with the rule of Congress and NDA’s small stint, Singh claimed that the latter set the example of good governance.

Blaming Congress for the conditions today, he said that had the resources of the country been utilised in judicious and justified manner, there is nothing which could have prevented India from catapulting into the league of developed nations.

“Engaged in self-acclamation, the Congress is not looking at the increase in the number of poor and unemployed in the country,” he averred. He held faulty economic policies and corruption of the Congress government for this.

Referring to the freebies doled out by the state government of Rajasthan, Singh said that instead of ensuring a dignified and respectable life, the state government has been distributing alms and attempting to make the people feel obliged.

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