• As Education minister in 1992 he took initiative and got Anti Copy Act Passed.
  • When he was state president in 1998 BJP, it was best performance of BJP in loksabha achieving 58 seats and 2 allies.
  • As Surface transport minister initiated Shri. Atal Bihari Bajpayee’s dream project National Highway Development Project(NHDP) which included Golden Quadrilateral and North South East West corridor.
  • As Surface Transport minister he has changed name of Emission Standard of EURO II as Bharat State II (BS II) in 2000 which is now used in all vehicles of Country as BS-3, BS-4 and so on.
  • As Agriculture Minister he took initiative and has brought down interest rate on Agriculture loan from whooping 14%-18% to reasonable 8%, He has also established Farmer Commission and Initiated Farms Income Insurance Scheme.
  • He has established Farmer Commission and initiated Farms Income Insurance Scheme.
  • As CM UP he was Last CM of undivided UP.
  • AS CM UP he tried to Rationalise the reservation structure in Govt. jobs by introducing the most Backward Classes among the OBC and SC, So that the Benefit of reservation can reach the lowest status of Society.
  • As BJP national president he insisted that states runs by BJP should provide loans to farmer at 1% and got it implemented.
  • As President of BJP he got Credit of Getting first BJP govt. In South india, and for the First time in history BJP and its allies were in power in double digit i.e. more ten 10 digits.
  • During his presidency BJP become first political party (perhaps first in world ) to give 33% posts to Women in party organization structure.
  • During is presidency he has taken party to booth level by forming Booth level Committees.
  • In October 2010 while Speaking in UN General Assembely as MP from India he become second leader after Shri A.B. Bajpayee to deliver his speech in hindi.
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  • The Union Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh has approved the institution of “Home Minister’s Special Operation Medal”. Police Officers of States & Union Territories, Central Police Organisations (CPOs), Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and Security Organisation involved in Special Operations will be eligible.

    The Union Home Minister has also instituted three more Medals, – the Antarik Suraksha Medal, Asadharan Aashuchan Padak, and Utkrisht & Ati-Utkrisht Seva Medal. The Medals will be awarded annually; while the HM’s Special Operation Medal and Asadharan Aashuchan Padak will be awarded on 15th August coinciding with the Independence Day, the Antarik Suraksha Medal and Utkrisht & Ati-Utkrisht Seva Medal will be announced on 26th January to mark the Republic Day.

    The Asadharan Aashuchan Padak will be given to officials of Intelligence organization of Central Government and Intelligence Dept./wings/Special Branches/Units of all State/UT Police, CPOs, CAPFs, Assam Rifles (AR) and National Security Guard (NSG) for acts of exceptional courage and skill in intelligence gathering.

    The Antarik Suraksha Medal will be bestowed upon Police personnel of States/UTs/ CPOs/CAPFs/Security Organisation in recognition of Operation Duty rendered by them for a tenure of every two years in Internal Security in J&K State/LWE region/NE region.

    The Utkrisht and Ati Utkrisht Seva Medal will be awarded to permanent Police personnel and other permanent support staff working in CAPFs, State/UTs Police Forces, CPOs, AR, NSG, Home Guard (HG) and Intelligence organization of Central Govt/State Govt./CAPFs in recognition of Long Service of 15 and 25 year and good service records.

    There will be no limit/quota for awarding the HM’s Special Operation Medal, Antarik Suraksha Medal and Asadharan Aashuchan Padak while there will be a cap of 1% and 0.5% of the sanctioned strength rank wise (Constable/HC/ASI/Sl/lnsp./Dy. SP/SP & above) subject to the eligibility conditions for the Utkrisht & Ati-Utkrisht Seva Medal respectively.

    The medal may be withdrawn if the holder is found guilty of disloyalty or brings the Force to disrepute such as removal, major penalty, criminal offence etc.

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